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Hello! My name is Sionnain, and I’m a fanfiction writer. I write primarily in the C6D fandom (Canadian Six Degrees) and I mostly write slash fic. The material on this website ranges from acceptable for teens to adult content–please don’t read if you’re not of legal age. I also write in Profit fandom, and some smaller offerings for the Yuletide fanfiction challenge are also found here.

I am making no money from any of my stories–I do this out of love, not for profit! I am indebted to Meresy, Inlovewithnight, Snoopypez and Belmanoir for all their wonderful beta help, cheerleading and encouragement.

I welcome any feedback and if you read something you like, please let me know! You can email me at, or leave a comment on the story on this site.

My fandom blog is located on Dreamwidth, and is here: Sionnain

Previous fandoms I have written in include X-Men (Comics and movie-verse) and Harry Potter.  These stories are not hosted on this site, however they can be found here:  Sionnain’s Fanfic on Livejournal. Everything is organized by tags.

(This site is currently under construction, not all of my fics are moved over as of yet. My fic LJ is current.)

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